The frog’s petals

The last place I’d have ever expected to see a frog was in a rose bush. And not just in the bush but actually in one of the flowers. It was just hanging out, perfectly still on the petals. Being that I am a woman of significant size, one of my first thoughts was wondering how the rose was holding the frog and not falling towards earth or even bending a little. Granted, the frog was the size of the tip of my pinky, but still, that weight is significantly more than that of a rose petal. Neither seemed to mind.

That frog wasn’t worried it wouldn’t hold, and the rose didn’t seem to struggle. They had a very odd and unpredictable relationship.

I tried to touch the frog without actually touching it to see if it would move. I got the brilliant idea to blow on it and see what would happen. It jumped slightly, and I almost pissed my pants. I thought for sure if I did that again, it would jump in my mouth, and I’d vomit all over my best friend’s front yard. That didn’t stop me from doing it again like the overgrown child I am. I guess you could say I’m a slow learner in some ways. lol. (Thank God I found the sense to stop bothering the little frog.)

I can’t help but wonder how the frog got in there. Obviously, the stems are thorn-covered, painful, and dangerous if you fall in naked. (Another bush, another story, another time. lol) Aside from feeling perplexed about it’s arrival, since it was in a flower at the top of the bush a little over 3 feet high, I can’t help but wonder why the frog chose that place of all places. Was it worried about potential lawn mowers? Other prey of the wild? (What eats tiny frogs?) Was it trying to outsmart everyone and everything? I know I’d never look for a frog in a rose? Did it just want to rest in a place that had a good view? Was it drawn to the beauty and delicacy of the rose but intimidated by its thorns? Was it just wanting a soft, safe place to hide from the world until it built up enough strength and fear to come out? Did it just land there accidentally and decide to stay? Did it just need to rest a while?

And what about the rose? How do you think it felt to hold such a heavy load? Do you think the rose was surprised to make such a new and different friend? Do you think it felt like a failure because its prickles couldn’t keep the frog out? Or was it happy to have a different inhabitant appreciate its cool, light, soft, safe petals? Did the rose understand the needs of the frog? Did it feel a duty to shelter the frog for a time? Did it feel it’d been given a special assignment by God?

The rose stood tall, unwavering, undisturbed as though nothing was there. The frog was grateful. The friendship was none like I’d ever seen but it worked. The frog respected the rose and refrained from movement. The rose respected the frog and kept it safe until its departure.

My friendship with the person in whose yard they were found is a lot like this frog and rose. I am grateful for the reminder and in awe of it.

Sometimes we are the frogs. Sometimes we are the roses. And we should appreciate both at every turn.

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2.

May God give us many chances to be the rose and humble us enough to remind us we are frogs. Amen.


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